Key Words That You Should Know About the Citizenship by Investment Process

Investment Letter

The Investment Letter is a document that states that the investment made by the foreign investor is sufficient to acquire Turkish citizenship. 

If the foreign citizen has decided to invest through purchasing immovable property, confirmation is required by the Regional Land Registry Directorate. This confirmation document states that that the value of the property bought by the client is indeed at least $250,000 and there is an explanation confirming that it will not be sold for at least three years. Based on this, an investment letter is issued by the Regional Land Registry Directorate. 

Conversely, if the foreign citizen has decided to open a Turkish bank account, the Banking Supervision and Regulatory Authority must confirm that there is at least $500,000 in the client’s account, and that the account is blocked (in other words, the $500,000 will not be removed from the account) for three years. In accordance with this, an investment letter is issued by the Banking Supervision and Regulatory Authority.

Residence Permit Document

A Residence Permit Document is a card that is issued by the relevant authorities after the client’s residence application has been approved. The expiration date of the card depends on the requested duration during the Residence Permit application. At the end of the ‘valid until’ period, the card will become invalid. Residence applications can be approved within one day. Since the Residence Permit Documents are printed and distributed from Ankara, it can take up to two months for them to reach us. If the client is residing in Turkey during this period, they can show they Residence Application Document as proof that they are eligible to reside in Turkey.

Approval Letter

A document containing the personal information of a client after they have become a Turkish citizen. Information such as the person’s new name and surname, Turkish ID number, and the district they are registered in can be found on this document. 

Once the client has been granted citizenship and this has been recorded on the system, the document can be received from the Provincial Population Directorate by an Attorney. This document will be used to obtain the client’s Turkish ID card and passport, which is the final step of the citizenship process.