Cost of investment government contribution of €650,000 EUR for the main applicant and €25,000 for spouse and children under 18 years of age. Your dependent children up to 27 years of age are also eligible to apply. Additionally, €150,000 to be invested in Government Bonds for 5 years and a rental of a property for 5 years at a minimum or €16,000 or a purchase of a property of €350,000 to be held for 5 years.

Since Malta is a member of the European Union, with this right, the opportunity to travel to 28 European Union member countries and Switzerland without a visa. A citizen of Malta can enter a visa-free entry into 168 countries, including the USA, UK and Canada.

Citizenship is taken within the time frame of 12-13 months.

You can apply with a spouse and your children under the age of 18. Additionally, if your adult children are under 27 years of age, single, full-time education and not employed, you can include in your citizenship application.