Malta Residency by Investment

  • Benefits of the Programme1 – Freedom of movement within the EU

    2 – Visa-free travel around the world

    The Malta passport is one of the strongest in the world, and besides freedom of movement and visa-free travel within Europe, a Maltese passport also allows visa-free travel to 183 countries worldwide.

    3 – Passports for your whole family

    4 – Stable and secure country

    Malta has one of the highest GDPs in Europe and one of the lowest unemployment rates. It’s also regarded as one of the safest countries in Europe.


    Who can apply?

    In the application, the main applicant can include the following family members:

    • Spouse
    • Unmarried dependents under the age of 20
    • Any dependent parents over the age of 55 years, which must be fully dependent on the main applicant

    Each family member must have a clean record and pass a personal background check.


    The main applicant and his/her family members must also pass additional criteria, including:

    • Not have been previously denied a visa to a country that has a visa-free travel agreement with Malta
    • Not be under a criminal investigation
    • Not hold the following nationalities or be a non-national but reside, do business, or have significant ties or connections to: the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and North Korea.
    • Not be a citizen from a country that is on the US travel ban list.


    Step 1: Residency in Malta

    The main applicant, along with any dependents included in the application, must first apply for a Maltese residency permit.


    Step 2: Eligibility for Citizenship

    A citizenship eligibility application must be submitted to the CMA (Community Malta Agency) within 12 months from the issue date of the residency card, otherwise, the Agency will revoke the card.


    Step 3: Maltese Citizenship

    After 12 months or 36 months from your residency stage, you can submit your Malta citizenship application to the CMA.

    The processing time to get Maltese citizenship takes around 2 to 3 months from the approval date. If the citizenship is approved, the main application must fulfil the Exceptional Investment, Donation, and Property requirements to start the process of naturalisation.


    Step 4: Naturalisation

    After fulfilling all the investment requirements, the main application and any dependents included in the application will be invited to visit Malta and take the Oath of Allegiance.