Why Should You Invest In Turkey?

  • Economy

According to data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), GDP in Turkey has increased to $800.000.000. This continuous steady growth of has increased by an annual average of 4.7%.

  • Population

Turkey has a large population compared to other European Union member-state countries. According to TÜİK data, the population of Turkey is currently 83.6 million. 

  • Skilled Workforce

According to data published by TÜİK, 29.2 million young and educated people are currently living in Turkey, and this number is constantly increasing. This adds up to a more qualified investment environment.

  • Economic Liberalism in Investment 

Turkey provides investors a strong economy, service culture, international negotiation, transfer guarantee, and a competitive investment environment. The average duration to set up a business in Turkey is just six days.

  • Central Location

Turkey acts as a bridge between Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Therefore, it is possible to reach 1.5 billion customers through Turkey. 

  • Infrastructure

Advanced technical infrastructure provides a great advantage for the transportation, telecommunication, and energy sectors. Turkey has railway network ties with Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, due to its low costs, marine transportation through the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Aegean Sea is profoundly demanded.

  • Incentive Opportunities

There are incentives and low tax opportunities for strategic investments, large-scale investments, and regional investments.

  • Free Trade

Turkey has been in a Customs Union with European Union since 1996, and has multiple Free Trade Agreements with 20 countries.

  • Key Point in Energy Transfer

More than 70% of primary energy reserves in the world are located remarkably close to Turkey. With energy transfer to Europe, one of the largest energy consumers, being conducted through Turkey, it has made Turkey a great energy hub.

  • Large Domestic Market

According to TÜİK, Turkey has a big domestic market as a result of its 35.9 million tourists, over 166 million airline passengers, 57 million credit card users, 71.9 million mobile phone users, and broadband Internet subscribers that has reached 39.9 million.