Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

There are three investments methods that can be used to apply to the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment programme:

  • 100,000 EUR investment in non-touristic areas as the Montenegrin government’s development fund.
  • Invest 250,000 EUR to underdeveloped regions in Montenegro.
  • Invest 450,000 EUR in advanced and touristic areas of Montenegro.

In addition to the above investment fees, it is necessary to pay 15,000 EUR of tax and 10,000 EUR for each family member who wish to become a citizen (for up to 4 family members). If there more than 4 family members the main applicant wishes to include, this number would be 50,000 EUR for each family member.

It can take up to 6 months to become a citizen of Montenegro. By obtaining Montenegro citizenship, the applicant can travel visa-free to over 123 countries including those in the EU Schengen zone. The applicant can also include his or her spouse and children under the age of 24 in his or her citizenship application.